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Wilfred Owen: Greatest War Poet in the English Language (1893-1918)

Theme Analysis



* Religion is a recurring theme in Owen's war poetry. It was said that the strength of war can bring futility or spiritual revelation. His poems seemed to question the authority of God. The Christian idea of God is disregarded and a more pagan view of nature and life is addressed in most of Owen's poetry. 
* The notion of unseen scars is also a recurring theme in Owen's war poetry. Wilfred Owen focused on how although the soldier may return home from war injured or alive their lives will never be the same both physically and mentally as they were prior to war. This is seen in his poem Disabled in which he describes how the man (the soldier) in the poem's pain is not that of his own but how others around him react to his situation. Therefore, because of this he will never experience love and live life to its fullest ever again. 

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Natasha Wedderburn
Coral Gables Senior High School
Ms. Munnerlyn
IB/AP English IV